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Withnail and I cult movie

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Did you know that the cult film Withnail and I (1987) starring Richard E Grant, Paul McGann and Richard Griffiths, was filmed in the area? 

The phone box, from which Withnail phones his agent in London, is actually in Bampton village itself (2 miles down the road from Beckfoot) and Uncle Monty's cottage at Crow Crag (Sleddale Hall; see pic below) is approximately 25 minutes by car and a further 15 minutes on foot at nearby Wet Sleddale reservoir near Shap.

For more detailed information on the film, please click here

This is Sleddale Hall, or rather Crow Crag, taken from the banks of Wet Sleddale reservoir near Shap. It is owned by the local water authority, and following a long time derelict it now has a new roof but is sadly boarded up.

Sleddale Hall (Uncle Monty's Cottage) 2008

A picture of Sleddale Hall as it is in the film. You can clearly see the courtyard and external farm buildings in both pictures.

Sleddale Hall as in the film

A view of Wet Sleddale reservoir. Sleddale Hall is actually just off to the left of the picture. Note that this is not the same reservoir you see in the film from Uncle Monty's cottage - that's Haweswater, about 20 minutes drive away. It's still a pretty nice view though.

Wet Sleddale reservoir - Crow Crag just out of shot

The bridge from which Withnail started shooting fish is at the top end of Wet Sleddale reservoir away from the dam. The footpath to it is good, but take stout footwear as it can often be wet and boggy getting to it!

Withnail and I -  let's shoot some fish!
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